• Why: Because we need to! All proceeds to Planned Parenthood Arizona.
  • When: February 2nd and 3rd, 2018 – gallery open 6-10pm.
  • Where: Grand ArtHaus, 1501 S. Grand Ave., downtown Phoenix.
  • Who: organizers for the Phoenix show: Colleen Donohoe, Laura Dragon, and Patricia Sannit.
Calling All Nasty Women Artists

The Phoenix Nasty Women exhibition and benefit for Planned Parenthood is part of a larger network of Nasty Women Exhibitions happening nationally and internationally The first Nasty Women show was scheduled around the January 20th 2017 inauguration of Donald Trump.   We are continuing the event this year, because we must persist! Sister events are happing in New York City, Nashville, TN, Lubbock, TX, Minneapolis, MN, Lexington, KY, Minneapolis, MN, San Diego, CA, Asheville, NC, Leverette, MA, Melbourne, Australia, Brussels, Belgium and other places. Calling all Nasty Women: we are transforming Trump’s insult of Hilary Clinton into a badge of courage and strength. Together we can demonstrate solidarity among artists who identify as Nasty Woman in the face of threats to roll back women’s rights, individual rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and immigrant rights. We hope to build a platform for community and coalition building to push back against the Trump White House. 2018 SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: form due January 26th at 5pm. All submissions that follow our guidelines (see submissions page) will be accepted. Work must be dropped off at Grand ArtHaus on Saturday, January 27th and Sunday, January 28th, 2018, 10am-noon. Any non-sold work must be picked up from Grand ArtHaus on February 4th, 10 am-noon, or Monday, February 5th, 6-8 pm


Calling Nasty Women Artists: Submission is open to everyone, all genders, all people, everyone. As long as your submission meets the requirements in the submission info, below, and is supportive of women’s rights, your work will be included in the show. WHO DO WE WANT INVOLVED? Nasty Women Artists of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender or non-gender identifications, economic backgrounds, immigrants and non-immigrants…EVERY ONE OF YOU NASTY WOMEN, LET’S DO THIS!!! THIS EXHIBITION IS COMPLETELY INCLUSIVE. No work will be rejected UNLESS IT DOES NOT MEET THE SUBMISSION CRITERIA BELOW. See submission requirements and link to form on the submissions page.


 The Nasty Women exhibition and benefit project was started by Roxanne Jackson and Jessamyn Fiore in NYC with a Facebook post in October 2016 that read: “Hello female artists/curators! Let’s organize a NASTY WOMEN group show!!! Who’s interested???“ The massive response has taken this call to arms into building an ever-expanding network of Nasty Women Artists & Art Organizers that will culminate in multiple exhibitions, all connected at the website We welcome anyone who identifies with being a Nasty Woman and want this exhibition to include a spectacular diverse rainbow of Nasty Women so please please please spread the word!